mardi 5 mars 2013

Superman statue

Voici une statue de Superman. Le socle est une sorte de roche craquelée en fusion avec des éruptions
Echelle 1/7 (environ 48 cm de haut en tout)

Here is a Superman Statue. The base is a kind of cracked rocks in fusion with eruptions
Scale 1/4 (around 19")


Version change-o-hands poings fermés !

Change-o-hands version with closed fists

Et le voici peint / painted :

en video :

3 commentaires:

吉住良太 a dit…

Nice to meet you friend
I'm Japanese.
Are attracted to work to make your.

I sent a mail this time I have a favor to ask of you.

I'm thinking of buying many things.

Is it possible to ship to Japan deadpool currently available for purchase.

Please tell me the prices and types.

Please detail.

Nimajneb a dit…

Well sorry, most of my statues are one of a kind. Those who are released as kits are not sold by me or are no longer available. But i am still open to commission !

吉住良太 a dit…

Thank you for your reply.
I would like to make your work my collection.
When it saw for the first time, it was impressed very much!
I would like to surely get.
Would you make somehow?
Since it depends on the translation site, although words are not conveyed well, I need your help well.
Please lend power.